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About the advantages and disadvantages of galvanized barrels in storage

Category : Industry NewsDate:2022-01-12

The barrier properties of galvanized drums to air and other volatile gases are important for the storage of nutrients and sensory qualities. Metal cans with low oxygen transmission rate, glass bottles and aluminum foil, and carton have good storage of vitamin C, and galvanized barrels are best.

We all know that the refrigerator temperature is relatively low. Iron pots, galvanized barrels and other products are placed inside, although they will not react as well as external products, but due to the low ambient temperature, all problems are likely to occur. Although there is no chemical reaction that affects the quality of the product, it can shorten the life of the product. Do not put in the refrigerator if you can not put the galvanized bucket in the refrigerator.

Why is galvanized barrels not suitable for acidic foods? Because zinc is hardly soluble in water, it is easily soluble in acidic solutions. The higher the acidity, the longer the hold time and the more dissolved. Cool drinks generally contain acid, while lemonade, orange water, sour plum soup and other acidity are very high. Some people have done experiments, and put the tap water, lemonade and other liquids into the galvanized barrels. After a certain period of time, take the water test. Each liter of tap water contains 5 mg of zinc, and the lemonade is as high as 1411 mg. Acute intoxication can occur when a person ingests 80-100 mg of zinc salt at a time. Children are sensitive to zinc and are more likely to cause poisoning. Poisoning mainly manifests as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. At the same time, it can be accompanied by general malaise and dizziness. Some people may have dehydration and acidosis. If they are not treated in time, there is a certain danger. Therefore, galvanized barrels should not contain acidic beverages and other acidic foods. Galvanized barrel: Zinc is easily soluble in acid and soluble in alkali, so it is called an amphoteric metal. Zinc hardly changes in dry air. In moist air, a dense zinc carbonate film is formed on the zinc surface. In the atmosphere containing sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and marine, the corrosion resistance of zinc is poor, especially in the atmosphere containing high temperature and high humidity containing organic acid, the zinc coating is easily corroded. The standard electrode potential of zinc is -0.76V. For the steel matrix, the zinc coating is an anodic coating. It is mainly used to prevent corrosion of steel. The protective performance of the zinc has a great relationship with the thickness of the coating. After passivation, dyeing or coating of the photoresist, the zinc coating can significantly improve its protection and decorative properties. This is the advantage and disadvantage of galvanized barrels!

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